Pin Parvati Pass Trek – A Comprehensive Guide for 2023

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The Pin Parvati pass trek has emerged as the best trekking point in recent years. The trek is named after the pass link from Pin Valley and Parvati Valley. It is worth seeing since it is in a beautiful, verdant location with some of the country’s best hiking trails.

If you’re an adventure enthusiast seeking to explore the Himalayas, the Pin Parvati Trek and Pin Parvati Pass Trek in India offer a challenging and breathtaking experience. These treks are popular among experienced hikers and backpackers due to their rugged terrain, high altitude, and stunning landscapes.

The Pin Parvati Trek and Pin Parvati Pass Trek are located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The Pin Parvati Pass Trek is a longer and more challenging trek, while the Pin Parvati Trek is slightly shorter but equally challenging. Both treks offer spectacular views of snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and lush valleys.

The Pin Parvati Trek covers a distance of approximately 110 km, while the Pin Parvati Pass Trek covers a distance of about 78 km. The trek starts in the town of Barsheni and ends in the village of Mudh. The route takes hikers through dense forests, rocky terrain, and high-altitude meadows.

The best time to visit the Pin Parvati Trek and Pin Parvati Pass Trek is from July to September, as the weather is pleasant and the trails are accessible. However, hikers should be prepared for sudden changes in weather and carry appropriate gear.

The Pin Parvati Trek and Pin Parvati Pass Trek are not for the faint-hearted. Hikers must be physically fit and mentally prepared to endure the challenging terrain and altitude. The trek requires hikers to cross several high-altitude passes, including the Pin Parvati Pass, which is situated at an altitude of 5,319 meters.

Hikers can choose to do the Pin Parvati Trek and Pin Parvati Pass Trek solo or in a group. The cost of the trek varies depending on the season, the number of hikers, and the trekking agency. The Pin Parvati Trek and Pin Parvati Pass Trek are also available through the Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI) at a more affordable cost.

Hikers can find several blogs and travelogues online to help plan their trip. These resources provide useful information on the trek’s route, itinerary, difficulty level, and budget.

In conclusion, the Pin Parvati Trek and Pin Parvati Pass Trek are challenging but rewarding experiences for adventure enthusiasts. With their stunning landscapes, high altitude, and rugged terrain, these treks are a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the beauty of the Himalayas. Just make sure to plan accordingly, bring appropriate gear, and be prepared for a challenging adventure.

This trek is a must-do for both experienced and new trekkers; let’s get into the details. 

Why Pin Parvati Trek?  

Since it connects the Parvati Valley with the Pin Valley in Spiti, the region got its name from that. The trek begins from Barshaini village, and after a long trek through snow and cold, the trek concludes in Kaza. Here you can stay for a while to relax and enjoy the local culture and their cousins. 

Along the way, you will see the lovely campground of Kheerganga and the well-known sulfur hot springs. It’s one of the few passes in Himachal Pradesh that shepherds haven’t explored yet, making it one of the most unique. 

In contrast to Kasol and Parvati Valley, known for their soothing hot springs, abundant greenery, and much more. Pin Valley is well known for its breathtaking vistas and incredible hues that appear with the sunrise. As a result, Pin Valley trek is a popular destination for pilgrims, backpackers, and other tourists.

 As you go from one side of the mountain to the other, you will be exposed to 2 separate civilizations native to the Himalayas. Both cultures will differ in terms of their means of subsistence, the architecture of their homes, and their ways of living. 

Pin Parvati Trek – Overview

It is one of the most challenging cross-country treks in the nation and is recommended only for experienced hikers eager to test their mettle. The Pin Parvati Pass is located on a trans-Himalayan route. Your journey will take you from the lush and vibrant Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh to the arid, hardy, and seemingly otherworldly Pin Valley in Spiti. 

The trek is popular among experienced trekkers, and every trekker with great abilities must have tried this trek once in their lifetime.

Suppose you wish to put your trekking abilities to the test; the Pin Parvati Pass should not be missed as it will make you give your all efforts to complete the trek. You should consider all the details we have shared here about this trek to get a real idea of how difficult and enjoyable it is. Let’s get into the details and explore the thrilling adventure of Pin Parvati Valley. 

Pin Parvati Trek – Distance & Duration

The total Pin Parvati Pass trek distance is around 110 kms. While, this exciting trek lasts for 11 days, begins in Barshaini village, and concludes in Kaza, where you finally leave for Manali as it goes over the Himalayas. The flora surrounding them will fade virtually as soon as you reach the Thakur Kuan base camp as they continue heading forward. 

After 8 hours of hiking from Mantalai Lake, you will arrive at Pin Parvati Base Camp, which is 17,500 feet in elevation. From there, you will continue the Mantalai Lake trekking to the Base.

With the mountains’ bright hue bounded by the snowy peaks and the arid Spiti valley on the other side, this trek makes your journey beautiful. 

Best time for Pin Parvati Trek

There is a possibility of snow on high passes at the beginning of the year, but by August, this snow will have melted away significantly. The weather stays warm and bright (12-20 °C) during the day, but the night temperature might be negative (-2 to 6 °C). However, throughout the monsoon season, the region around Kullu-Manali continues to be impacted by rain.

Those who go hiking during September and October often find that the weather is pleasant, with minimal chance of snowfall. The daytime temperature in October often ranges from 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. However, it tends to drop to a more bearable range of -4 to 4 degrees Celsius at night.

Pin Parvati Trek Difficulty 

The Pin Parvati Pass Trek is categorized as a problematic expedition trek. It features more significant difficulties that a trekker with extensive prior experience can only overcome. These difficulties include a precipitous glacier descent and the absence of civilization, boulders, and bridges.

The challenging terrain makes this trek ideal for experienced trekkers. The hikers who have trekked at elevations of at least 5,000 meters (15,000 feet) will not find this trek much more difficult.

Pin Parvati Trek Challenges 

  • This trek presents hikers with a significant number of challenging obstacles to overcome. In addition to your previous experience trekking at a high altitude, you will also need a high degree of physical and mental fitness to accomplish this challenging and taxing journey. 
  • During the whole hike, you will be responsible for carrying all of your things in your backpack, in addition to the sleeping bag (which you may either use one that we give or bring one of your own). This assures that you will be safer on the route if you find yourself benighted or encounter any other unwelcome circumstance.
  • The path travels through sections of boulders and moraine, crosses icy rivers, and goes around a pass surrounded by crevassed glaciers. So, always stay with the group and be alert all the time.
  • When going for Pin Parvati Pass Trekking, health, food, and water should be your priority. This is because the higher you go, the more your body will likely struggle due to decreased oxygen availability.
  • It is best to take precautions by ensuring that you are physically and mentally fit before beginning the trek. The professionals will provide instructions, but taking care of yourself physically and mentally during the trek is best.


The Pin-Parvati Trek is a challenging terrain that reaches an elevation of 5298 meters. It will help if you go for this trek under an experienced professional and those who have previously completed hikes of a moderate difficulty level. A sufficient level of physical stamina and fitness must always be maintained.

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