Laka Glacier Trek in December – Is it Worth Doing?

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The Laka Glacier trek in December snow is one trip you may have fantasized about taking. The trek is well-known due to its accessibility to beginners and short duration. The trek’s path has an easy to moderate rating of challenges. The Laka Glacier trek will provide an exhilarating experience, and when you reach the peak, you will be rewarded with spectacular sceneries of snow-covered mountainous ranges. These panoramic views are only possible when you visit the trek in December. Laka Glacier Trek, the travel destination, is more alluring in December since it is the best time to plan for the trek. 

Laka Glacier Trek in December is a must-try because of its stunning natural beauty. With Tripping India, plan a quick break to a winter wonderland and indulge in its breathtaking scenery. You can also get excited and get the best deals for other McLeod Ganj Treks. 

Laka Glacier Trek in December-

To access Laka Glacier, hike up the Mcleodganj hills and cross the glacier moraine higher in the Triund hill. The stunning scenery on this strenuous snowy journey makes it so intriguing. The open meadow, surrounded by the beauty of nature, is the location of the most captivating sunset one could ever see. It is ideal for making memories over a roaring bonfire with the ones you love.

  • Distance: Laka Glacier Trek’s distance from Mcleaodganj is about 5.7 km (22 minutes) through NH503 and Bhagsunag Road. The nearby location usually preferred by many travelers is Triund. It is about 6 km to make it to your base camp. This trek will take about five to seven hours, based on your speed and fitness.
  • Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate
  • Trekking duration: Five to seven hours 
  • Max. Altitude: 10,600 ft.
  • Trek distance: 13 km
  • Temperature: Winters- 14 to 18˚C (daytime) and 1 to 5˚C (night); Summers- 16 to 25˚C (daytime) and 7 to 10˚C (night)
  • Start and End Point: Mcleodganj and Laka Glacier

When is the best time to plan for Laka Glacier Trek?

Triund Laka Glacier Trek package is among the most beautiful and popular treks to visit during the wintertime. You can conveniently reach from McLeodganj and Dharamshala. The trek will also offer you the most spectacular lifetime memories when camping on the mountain’s edge in December is itself a thrill. You will view the spectacular snow-covered stunning nature of the entire valley. 

Why, Specifically December, an Ideal Month to Plan for Laka Glacier trek?

Laka Glacier in December is a snowy Disneyland for everyone who enjoys the snowfalls and cold weather with their subfreezing temps. It’s the perfect vacation spot for snow fans because of the gloomy fog, the thick white snow blanket, and the chilly temperatures.

  • If you enjoy the snow, December is the perfect month to go on the Laka Glacier hike. Since the snow begins to melt in the summers and snow is not there following the monsoon season, it is the best month to visit the trek.
  • Rock and regolith can be viewed only in wintertime.
  • As the temperature swings from -1 to 7˚C, this is the month when snowfall can be seen. 
  • You can feel intense freezing and observe snow-covered environments when the temperature drops below -1˚C. 
  • December is a must-visit month to see snow because snow fans typically favor the Laka Glacier trip. 
  • Unwind at your campground while enjoying the cold weather and bonfire.

Laka Glacier Trek Itinerary-

Day One- Triund Top Trek

  • Start your exciting hike when you reach the taxi stand at Bhagsu Nag.
  • The largest waterfall in McLeod Ganj, Bhagsu Falls, is traversed throughout the journey. You may rest for a moment while admiring the area’s splendor.
  • Arrive at the Mana/Leta Village campsite to relieve the weight of your bags. Then resume your journey.
  • After 4:30 hours, climb to the peak and take in this location’s magnificent views.
  • Start your descent, taking in the magnificent sights for about an hour.
  • Trek down to the campground at Mana/Leta village, arrive, and stop for a rest.
  • Rest here to gather energy for the next day.

Day Two- Laka Glacier Trek

  • Start your journey to the Laka Glacier in december via Triund to enjoy the exhilarating adventure waiting for you.
  • Snow spots on the route will be visible as you go closer to Snowline, a stunning sight to witness.
  • Climb the peak and take in the magnificent views of the snow-covered mountain range.
  • Enjoy your excellent time at the peak, admiring the breathtaking views.
  • Begin descending to the Mana/Leta Village camp and take a few hours in the gorgeous sights.

Day Three- Mcleodganj- Trekking Back

  • As you go down to McLeod Ganj, take in the peaceful sight of a flock of sheep’s graze across the lush meadows.
  • Your journey will end in about 6:30 hours.
  • Return home with a collection of priceless experiences and memories.

Activities at Laka Glacier Trek

  • Start your journey to Lake Glacier, where you will be mesmerized by the unadulterated grandeur and breathtaking views. 
  • This trek, well-known for its wavy and well-defined pathways and stunningly encircled by the majestic Dhauladhar peaks, travels through picturesque forests. 
  • Experience the picturesque Triund route, lined with oak trees and rhododendron shrubs.
  • Visit the historic Bhagsunag Temple, renowned for its two healing springs.
  • Visit the renowned Shiva café.
  • Enjoy the expansive vistas of the Kangra Valley’s plains and the Shivalik Hills.
  • Watch the most stunning sunrise as it illuminates the mountains with golden light.
  • As you savor supper and stimulating conversations in camps, unwind around a cozy bonfire while listening to great music.


Laka Glacier, located in the Kangra Valley, is graced with breathtaking natural beauty that people will remember for a lifetime. The most excellent experience on this walk is hearing birds chirping and feeling various plants touch you.

A moment to preserve and cling to for a lifetime is the sunset and sunrise behind the powerful Dhauladhar hills/ Its beauty is constant in the wintertime, specifically in December, when there is snow around.

Book your Laka Glacier Trek slots with Travgenix for the best lifetime memorable experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is the Laka Glacier Trek challenging?

Laka Glacier Trek is relatively easy. Its challenges are moderately leveled.

Q2. What is the length of the Laka Glacier Trek?

The length of the Laka Glacier trek is about 13 km.

Q3. Can novices undertake the Laka Glacier Trek?

Laka Glacier Trek doesn’t require training since it is a beginner-friendly trek.

Q4. Which Indian trek is the most challenging?

 Lamkhaga Trek is the most challenging trek in India. 

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