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Kedarkantha Trek – Distance, Duration, Difficulty & Everything Else

In India, the Kedarkantha Trek was one of the first commercial winter treks to be identified and developed. Hikers from India number in the millions throughout the mountain’s existence, and it has never failed to grab their minds and emotions. Both your eyes and your emotions are drawn in by the breathtaking beauty that it has. Have fun in the snow and rediscover the joy of being a kid. Snowfall at the appropriate time of year causes Kedarkantha to be blanketed with a thick layer of white substance. This trek is known for offering a great opportunity for the both new and experienced trekkers to enjoy some thrilling trails. 

Story Behind Kedarkantha 

Kedarkantha, also referred to as Bal-Kedar, is popular among global tourists as well as trekkers. It is stated that while Shiva was trying to evade the Pandavas in his bull form, he was roaming about in Kedarkantha. Unfortunately for him, the locals of the area interrupted his calm. As a consequence of this, he headed in the direction of Kedarkantha. The people who live in Sankri believe that the trident of Lord Shiva, which was placed in Kedarkantha, guards them and prevents the rivers in the Himalayas from drying up.

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek – Distance and Other Details 

This trek, which covers more than 20 kilometers over five days, is ideal for for both new and experienced hikers since the distances that need to be completed each day are pretty short. The journey starts at the hamlet of Sankri, which serves as the beginning point for several different treks around Uttarakhand. Before reaching the first campground, the route departing from Sankri passes through thick stands of maple and oak trees and multiple wooden bridges and streams.

The next stop, which will also be the last, is the Kedarkantha peak, which can be found at 4,000 meters (12,500 feet). Even though this section of the hike is the only one with a moderate degree of difficulty, those who are just moderately fit should have no trouble completing it. In addition, the sights you see along the trail and when you reach the top are beautiful in a manner that cannot be matched. The Himalayas reveal themselves in all their splendor in this region, and hikers report that the experience is one of the most satisfying aspects of the journey.

After reaching the summit, the next step is to make your way back down to the earth, and the first place you will visit is Horegaon Camp. It has an additional enticing camping area and may act as your destination for the night. 

When you first set out on this hike, you fell in love with the lush pine trees you would pass through on the way back to Sankri.

Kedarkantha Trek in December

Best Time to Do Kedarkantha Trek

It is one of the few Himalayan treks that can be done during the winter months, and because of this, Kedarkantha trek best time to visit is between December and April. This allows hikers to not only see the snowy landscapes of the region but also get the experience of hiking on the snow as it crunches underfoot. Because of the moderate quantity of snow and lack of significant temperature variations, the Kedarkantha journey is manageable for first-timers. Although the stunning views of snowcapped Dhauladhar ranges that trekkers witness during Kedarkantha Trek in December is just so surreal.

The Kedarkantha journey is not very difficult. As a result, it is appropriate even for first-time hikers since there is just a sufficient quantity of snow and no significant temperature swings exist.

How Difficult is Kedarkantha Trek?

The ascent gets underway with a steep incline that lasts just a short distance before leveling down in the middle. The Kedarkantha Trekking route travels through several teeny-tiny streams, and the terrain may get muddy and hazardous at some points. There are some rough parts to the landscape, and you may run into a few rocks as you travel. The final kilometer to the peak is the steepest and takes the most significant effort and time.

The last kilometer of the climb up to the peak is the journey’s most challenging and time-consuming part.

Even though the peak is relatively low, we advise having a high level of physical endurance and a proven track record of fitness. During the training, our experts will instruct each group on adequately using their hiking gear and navigating the upcoming terrain. Because it is only moderately challenging, we highly encourage trekkers just starting to climb the Kedarkantha peak.

How Difficult is Kedarkantha Trek

Best Trek for Beginners to Have a Thrilling Experience 

Any individual who is physically fit may quickly complete the hike’s path. In addition, the Kedarkantha Trek provides a fantastic chance to ascend to the peak of a mountain. That must have been just as intriguing to you as your first excursion, right? The climb is not easy, and it becomes much more challenging as you get closer to the peak. Plus, you’ll never be alone since towering mountains will surround you.

In addition to this, you will always be surrounded by really tall mountains. Kedarkantha trekking is a significantly more challenging experience than it appears. You’ll feel rewarded and successful after doing this. You will have a feeling of contentment and success as a result of it.

Fitness Requirement for Kedarkantha Trek

This is a high-altitude journey that will need you to travel for 6 days. This hike requires a reasonable degree of physical fitness, stamina, and essential cardiovascular endurance since it ranges from easy to moderate difficulty. There is no need for previous hiking expertise, beginners can go for this trek, however we advise some basic fitness. 

A minimum of one to two months before the beginning of the hike, you will need to do fundamental exercises such as running, sit-ups, burpees, and other similar activities. In addition, we recommend that you build up your stamina by walking 4 to 5  kms each day for one to two months before the beginning of the hike. 

Maintain a positive state of mind and ensure that your body and mind are in excellent shape. This will allow you to get the most out of the breathtaking hike and bring back happy memories you can look back on and remember in the future.

Kedarkantha Trek

A Few Fast Facts about Kedarkantha Trekking

  • The trek starts and ends at Sankri Village. 
  • The time required to finish the course is 6 days and 5 nights.
  • Kedarkantha Track Distance: 20 kilometers
  • Twelve thousand five hundred feet is the height of the Kedarkantha Track.
  • The difficulty level of Kedarkantha ranges from Very Easy to Moderate.
  • Temperatures on the Kedarkantha Track range from 8 degrees Celsius during the day to 15 degrees Celsius at night.
  • Is kedarkantha trek safe? Yes, the months of November through April are Kedarkanth’s hiking season’s peak.
  • The closest train station is at Dehradun, which is also the city.

View from the Top, You Wouldn’t Miss for the World

The fact that the most stunning mountain range in the Himalayas can be viewed from this point along the Kedarkantha trip sets it apart from other hikes in the region, which are Swargarohini Peak -I. II.III (6300 meters), Black Peak (6387 meters), Bandarpunch Peak (6300 meters), and all the mountains are observed from here, such as Rupin pass range, Supin range, Khimloga Peak, Baraadsar Lake range, Vishkhopri range, Ranglana Peak 5800 meters, etc.

From this vantage point, the view of all the treks is clear and unobstructed, including the Har Ki Dun Valley and Ruinsara Valley Trek, the Bali Pass Trek, the Borasu Pass Trek, the Sarutal Pass Trek, and the Fachu Kandi Pass Trek.

Kedarkantha Trek and Camping

The Mesmerizing Campsites You Wouldn’t Want to Leave

The summit of Kedarkantha is one of the highlights of the Kedarkantha trip. Other highlights include magnificent campsites with some of the most famous vistas in the Indian Himalayan area.

You’ll see that the campground is encircled by a forest of snow-covered pine trees and deserted cottages that local shepherds formerly used. One of the most memorable moments of your life will be watching the sun go down over Kedarkantha when you are camped there. The Kedarkantha is most enjoyable during the winter months and therefore, it is one of the most popular winter treks in India.


Whenever you’re feeling worn out from the journey, the tranquil and calming water streams are more like a therapy for sound healing, and this hike is a lovely experience regardless of the time of year you choose to do it. When the lakes are frozen over in the winter, they provide excellent skiing terrain, while in the summer, the still waters reflect the beautiful towering alpine oak trees, helping to calm your eyes. If you enjoy playing in the snow, you must sign up for the Kedarkantha Trek Package , starting from 3999/-.


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