Hikes/ Treks in Jaipur – 6 Lesser Known Yet Awe-Inspiring Places

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When it comes to breaking free from our busy lives, we always look towards other cities in the hope to find some peace. But what if we say that you can get rid of the mind-wracking boredom of staying at home by just being in your home city? 

In this blog, we will take you on a fun journey to some of the lesser-known yet breathtaking hikes and treks in Jaipur. 

hikes in jaipur

Monsoon Trekking in Jaipur – Enjoy the Rustic Beauty of Lush Green Aravali hills

A vibrant mix of culture and heritage with magnificent forts and palaces, ‘Jaipur’ is a fascinating city of Rajasthan, but voila! My pink city has so much to offer to those seeking adventure or looking for unique learning experiences. 

Whether you are trekking in Jaipur with loved ones or going solo, this city will not leave you in disappointment. 

Speaking of the beauty of hikes and treks in Jaipur, it just amplifies to the next level in Monsoon Season. There are quite a few trekking & hiking spots in this dazzling city that’ll give your weekend a fresh breath of adventure. 

But you must be thinking of what those places could be other than Nahargarh – The Most Happening Place in Jaipur?’ Well, scroll down and let your soul feel rejuvenated and your mind be in peace.

Adventurous Trekking & Hiking in Jaipur [Monsoon Special]

Being a Jaipurite, I have always tried to find offbeat places in my city. So, mentioned below are some of my favourite trekking & hiking points that I have climbed by myself. Also, don’t worry about each of these places’ precautions and safety issues!

#1. Hathini Kund – The Water Valley Trek

Can you imagine a secretive waterfall in Jaipur that is uncommon to most people? So far away from the city amid the lap of nature, ‘Hathni Kund’ is one such drop-dead gorgeous place that gives the visitors a feel of adventure. 

trekking in Jaipur
Source: trippingindia.in

The trek to Hathni Kund (which is approximately 4 km on Both sides) starts at Charan Mandir near Nahargarh Fort and ends at the same place.

I will suggest you wear trekking shoes and trek in a group as in this place as you can encounter wild animals like snakes, panthers etc.

With all the lush greenery and serene beauty, this place is mostly crowded during the rainy season. 

treks in jaipur

Hathni/Hathini/aathuni/ waterfall is the most loved spot for trekking in Jaipur among the youth recently during the monsoon season because it creates a perfect 1 day adventurous itinerary for Jaipurites which includes bike ride to nahargarh via jalmahal, leave the bikes at the charan mandir and hike to hathni kund, enjoy the waterfall and visit nahargarh and while coming back you can even visit the Jaigarh fort.

#2 Chulgiri Fort

Another impressive place located in the heart of Jaipur is ‘Chulgiri Hills’ – a perfect blend of spirituality and adventure. There is a beautiful Jain Temple situated on top of the Chulgiri Hills. 

The breathtakingly alluring natural surroundings of Chulgiri trek in Jaipur offers a more rustic trekking experience with a view that’ll leave you amazed.

Considering your safety, we suggest you opt for stairs to reach the Jain Temple instead of trekking through the forest as you can encounter wild animals like leopards. 

#3 Amber/Amer Watch Tower

Over the past few years, the ‘Watch Towers’ of Amer Fort has become excitingly popular among Instagrammers and travel bloggers. So naturally, all credit goes to the views this place offers of the Amer Fort and the surrounding area. On the weekends, this place is loaded with a bunch of youngsters, couples and even families. 

hikes in Jaipur

But sometimes, due to the people’s carelessness, this place has also reported many cases of deaths and injuries. Moreover, monsoon season demands extra carefulness as the stairs might get slippery due to algae problems.

This hike in Jaipur holds a very special place in hikers hearts for sunsets as the sun sets right behind the glorifying Amber Fort.

#4 Sagar Lake Trek 

Locals must be aware of Sagar Lake, but not many know that they can even trek around the area. You will find the beauty of Amer Fort from Sagar Lake Trek more astonishing, mainly during the rainy season. The trail hike is mostly stony, and there are no shops available, so try to take your snacks or food if you feel like staying for a longer time. 

trekking in Jaipur

Once you top the lake, you will have a view of Jal Mahal (Water Palace) proudly floating. If put, this trek won’t cost you much, but you’ll surely come back with a lot of precious memories.

#5 Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev

This is lesser known trek of Jaipur and is mainly popular as one of the most ancient temples in Jaipur, ‘Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Temple’ features lush green trails that range across the Aravali Hills. Located near Nahargarh Biological Park, the trek offers some of the most precious picturesque views to be captured. 

The duration of this trek is approximately 2-3 hours that starts either from ‘Mahadev Shiv Mandir’ or the ‘Jati ke Balaji’ Temple. 

monsson treks in jaipur

I have seen many pictures of this place on the internet, and honestly, Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Trek is on my list for the next time.


If you are really in awe of quiet and mesmerizing places, then ‘Chour Ghati Trek’ could be your ideal way of spending the weekend. It is located close to Galtaji (well-known as Jaipur Monkey Temple). This whole territory, which is covered with magnificent Aravali, was a holy spot since the 15th century.

best treks of Jaipur

Marked with amazing rocky trails, the Chour Ghati Trek in Jaipur makes it easier for the trekkers to reach the Monkey Temple. 

All said and done! Gear up with essentials and start an adventurous trail in my favorite city – JAIPUR! 

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