Best Trekking Shoes for Beginners – 2023 Edition

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Trekking – an activity that takes you to various challenging and adventurous terrains. Be it a beginner or an experienced trekker, you need gear to support your adventures. It may be an excellent way for you to connect with nature, but it does require physical effort that causes strain on your body. One of the essential objects you need to carry with you is a good pair of hiking/trekking boots.

You may find a lot of different options to choose from, but only some pairs will cross every checkbox that the right pair of trekking boots requires. We researched a lot of boots for beginners so that you don’t have to.

Trekking shoes – Important factors and What to Look Out For?

The primary use of trekking shoes is a child’s guess to trek comfortably. Shoes that do not slip even on the roughest terrains offer a firm grip for you to conquer the path easily. There may be occasions when you pick a shoe that is one size too big, or a smaller fit, stressing out your feet while you walk, which in turn, will ruin your experience. We do not want that to happen.

#1 Outsole

The outsole of the shoes plays a very important role when choosing trekking shoes; check for shoes with grooves on the base, offering multi-terrain maneuverability. It is essential to check the base type for it to match the terrain you’re meant to visit.

#2 Upper Breathability

It is also crucial for the shoes to be breathable since hiking means your feet will sweat a lot. Breathability increases airflow to keep your feet fresh and reduces the chances of calluses. In addition to breathability, if they are waterproof, that would be the best as they will protect your feet while wading in the water.

#3 Technology

Companies occasionally use various patented technologies to enhance the comfort of the wearer. Whether it’s in the midsole or outsole, it is important to know what that technology does.

#4 Reinforcements

An excellent trekking shoe should have reinforcements at the heel and toe that offer protection while walking. Stray stones or rocks should not affect your trekking experience. Thus, it is essential that reinforcements are present in the right places.

5 Best Trekking Shoes for Every Adventure Enthusiast 

Here are a few recommendations for beginner trekkers to choose their trekking shoes from – the 2023 edition

  1. Bacca Bucci EVEREST for Mountaineering Hiking & Trekking (1599/-)

Bacca Bucci is one of the few good shoe manufacturers in India. Started in 2013, this company has a lot of good trekking shoes to offer; one of the best and most affordable shoes include the EVEREST for mountaineering, hiking, and trekking.

Designed with a rubber toe cap and reinforced heel to shield your feet from debris while hiking, these shoes provide a high level of protection. Synthetic leather and mild waterproofing help in keeping your feet dry and keep the water out. 

Turbo Insoles Technology also offers optimum comfort with each step as they absorb any strain during the hike and provide energy in return.

Not just comfortable but made with a high traction grip to offer stability on the roughest terrains. The best feature about these is that they are lightweight so that you can trek comfortably for longer.

  1. QUECHUA – Men’s Hiking Warm and Waterproof Boots – SH100 X-WARM (2999/-)

Quechua, an in-house brand by the Decathlon group, has been aiming to provide one of the best trekking equipment since 1997. From shoes to jackets to backpacks and even camping equipment like tents, Quechua has it all.

SH-100 X-WARM is one of the best choices for you if you are aiming for a trek in the snow. The breathable and waterproof membrane repels moisture from your feet for a dry feel. 

Its 3mm studs provide enhanced grip on the fresh snow so that you do not slip during the trek. The SNOWCONTACT technology on the treads also helps in stability. Plus, the fur lining keeps warmth in and the snow out.

  1. Wildcraft – Men Black RuNX TR Hugo Solid Mid-Top Trekking Shoes (3995/-)

Wildcraft, another Indian brand that aims to provide the best experience for your outdoor activities. Running, trekking, and daily use essentials, Wildcraft has everything one requires.

RnNX TR Hugo is designed with Hyper Grip technology, and multi-directional lugs help keep your feet stable while trekking. The cushioned footbed also provides comfort while traversing the debris filled ground. The synthetic leather upper also helps in keeping the moisture out.

  1. FURO D.GREY /H.R RED HIKING SHOES FOR MEN H20006 F007 (1499/-)

Furo Sports by Red Chief – one of the most trusted brands of India since 1997, is the sporting division of the company that provides shoes and other sports-related goods.

H20006’s air-mesh upper of the shoes helps in breathability, which will keep your feet dry while going through rough terrains. Moulded PU heels offer stability, whereas the deep lugs reduce the chances of slipping during treks. The hardened toe design protects the feet from the impacts of any big rocks coming your way.

A lightweight hiking shoe that you can choose if you do not want to put an extra burden on your feet during your casual treks.

  1. QUECHUA – Men’s Hiking Shoes NH500 Fresh – Carbon Grey (4499/-)

A low-cut design that is perfect for casual hiking, NH500 Fresh is another lightweight alternate trekking shoe that you can choose for a short-distance hike. The stone guard forefoot also helps in the protection of the toes against impacts. At the same time, a thick EVA midsole protects the underfoot from debris that you encounter while walking. The composite design offers stability as well.


According to the geographics, choosing from a low-top or a mid-top shoe would be a requirement and preference. Mid-tops are recommended if you are off to the snowy mountains. Low tops for regular hikes that require enhanced mobility. While the Upper, Outsole, Midsole Material, Outsole Pattern, Technologies that the manufacturers use, everything contributes to your foot comfort, which is an essential thing that you need. 

In short, choosing the perfect pair of trekking shoes is a crucial step for you, especially if you plan on taking a casual or a serious trek trip to the mountains.

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