Adventure Sports in Goa – What, When and How

It is no wonder; Goa is none other than a paradise which presents a perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese culture. This picturesque place with its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and mouth-watering seafood has always been on the list of most admired tourist destinations in India and throughout the globe. 

Goa has a charm that can rejuvenate anyone and to many people, it poses as a perfect relaxing spot to spend their vacation far from cities clamor but to make your trip exciting and thrilling in this enchanting place, we have come up with a list of most adventurous sports in Goa. Let’s take a look – 

Adventure sports in Goa

#1 White Water River Rafting 

Experience water splashing all over you in the midst of rolling waves of the river, with white water river rafting, one of the most renowned adventure sports is now open for tourists in Goa. Take a ride on breezy and sparkling Mandovi River – the lifeline of state of Goa surrounded by dense forest and luxuriant vegetation. This sport will surely give you an unforgettable journey in the lapse of nature and has emerged as a favorite choice for travelers visiting Goa. 

When to visit: The best season to indulge in this activity is from October to March.  

How to experience: You can take part in this wonderful sport at Mhadei River, Valpoi, Sattari. 

#2 Parasailing 

Take a glance of the spectacular blue Arabian Sea while flying like a bird up in the sky.  Parasailing is among the easiest recreational adventure sport in Goa in which you will be tied up with a parasail connected to a boat by the help of a tow rope and as the boat starts off, your parasail will lift up, soaring you high in the air. The best part of this sport is that it can be enjoyed by anybody irrespective of their age and gender.   

When to visit: The best season to be a part of this activity is from October to March.  

How to experience: You can enjoy this water sport at Dona Paula Beach, Anjuna Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Calangute Beach, Arambol Beach. 

#3 Trekking 

Trekking in Goa on the Vagheri peak which is the most exciting trekking trails of India, cannot be missed. On the path of this day-long trek to the Vagheri peak, you will be awestruck to see captivating flora, ravishing forest, and rarely seen avifauna species along with a fizzing pond that portrays an eccentric show of rhythmic bubbles. Another favorite spot for trekking enthusiasts in Goa is the scenic Dudhsagar falls, which is of shorter duration originating from a jaw-dropping canyon called Devil’s Canyon.

When to visit: The best time to do this activity is from September to March.  

How to experience: You can do trekking at Vagheri peak, Dudhsagar Falls, Udaan Dongor. 

#4 Scuba Diving 

If the world of underwater fascinates you and wants to witness the aquatic life very closely, then scuba diving is a sport for you.  Scuba Diving is one such adventure sport in Goa that will take you through an experience you hardly ever had in your life as it will let you dive deep into the trenches of the sea treating your eyes with never seen view of colorful coral reefs, wrecks, and beautiful species of marine land such as starfish, octopus, dolphin, and a lot more. 

When to visit: The best time to enjoy this activity is from October to May. 

How to experience: You can take pleasure of this amazing sport at Sao Gorge Island, Grand Island, Malvan. 

#5 Water Skiing

Indulge in the most thrilling adventure while racing along with the wind, with Water Skiing which is among the famous adventure sports in Goa. This sport will definitely give you an adrenaline rush as you will be gliding on the surface of the water with a pair of skis, which will be connected to a boat. This fun-filled water activity demands proper balancing skills and physical fitness. Children below 5 years of age should not participate in this activity. 

When to visit:  The best season for this activity is October to February. 

How to experience: You can revel in this activity at Mobor Beach, Calangute Beach, Arossim Beach, Baga Beach.

#6 ATV Biking 

ATV Biking undoubtedly is the most exhilarating activity which requires racing on four-wheeled bikes that can withstand terrains of any type. The landscapes of Goa having a perfect composition of the rock, wood, and mud-filled with lots of twists and turns makes this sport more exciting. During your biking expedition, you can relish the smell of spices as you pass through the spice plantation along with having a power-packed ride in nature.

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When to visit:  This best time to be a part of this activity is from October to April.

How to experience: You can take pleasure in this activity at Mandrem Beach, Riders Club in Anjuna. 

#7 Wind Surfing 

Wind Surfing popularly called sailboarding is considered as the most enticing and rip-roaring adventure sport in Goa which presents a unique mix of both sailing and surfing. In this activity, you will be connected to a surfboard usually of 2-5 meters with the help of sail that you have to move according to the direction of the wind. You need to master the art of balancing to enjoy this sport fully while floating through the ocean waters. 

When to visit:  The best time to indulge in this enticing activity is from January to March.

How to experience: You can relish this activity at Bogmalo Beach, Calangute Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Miramar, Baga Beach. 

This brings us to the end of our list of the most fun-packed adventure sports in Goa. Hope you had a good time reading this article and will add these sports into the bucket list of things to do on your trip to Goa as these sports will surely provide you with a lot of sheer and excitement as well as take you in a world you have never imagined of. 

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